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Villainous: Doctor Flug by JJStarrNerdGirl Villainous: Doctor Flug :iconjjstarrnerdgirl:JJStarrNerdGirl 7 2 What a Babe by JJStarrNerdGirl What a Babe :iconjjstarrnerdgirl:JJStarrNerdGirl 9 3
The Club (Spoon Fic)
Fred Spooker rushed into the room where he was to meet Johnny Ghost, Johnny Toast, and the newest addition to the P.I.E team: Colon Ghostie, who was waiting in the corner. Fred immediately fell onto the floor when he entered the doorway, as he usually did with his high level of clumsiness.
“Well, well, look who finally decided to show for the mission,” Ghost glared down at him, “You sure you took long enough to get here? Or do you wanna be ANOTHER hour late just to be sure?”
Toast put a hand on Ghost’s shoulder. “Now, Sir, don’t be so harsh on him.. He’s here now, is he not?” he smiled, trying to calm his partner down.
“Whatever. Just give him the synopsis, Toast,” Ghost mumbled in response, going over to organize his things yet again. That was all he’d been doing for the past hour. Toast swore he had never seen him so organized in his life.
“Right, Sir,” Toast nodded, turning to help Spooker off of the
:iconjjstarrnerdgirl:JJStarrNerdGirl 7 9
Pi(e) Day
“Johnny, how the heck do I mix this stuff?” Johnny Ghost whined, holding a mixing bowl and a spoon and seeming very confused about what he was doing.
“Just fold the ingredients together, love! Like I showed you before!” Johnny Toast, his older partner, replied. He himself was busy rolling out a piece of dough.
The two were making a pie together, with Toast taking the lead from what he knew after watching his grandmother bake as a child. Ghost had absolutely no idea what he was doing, and, unknown to him, neither did Toast. He was going off of very foggy memories, and probably getting everything all wrong.
Ghost began to try and mix the filling again while walking over to Toast for another demonstration, but only succeeded in tripping and spilling everything onto the floor. He groaned, frustrated in himself, and just let himself lay on the floor for a moment. Toast knelt beside him, worried that he was hurt or something of the sort. “Love? Are you alright?&
:iconjjstarrnerdgirl:JJStarrNerdGirl 9 1
Mary Toast Design by JJStarrNerdGirl Mary Toast Design :iconjjstarrnerdgirl:JJStarrNerdGirl 14 2 Best Mom 2k17 by JJStarrNerdGirl Best Mom 2k17 :iconjjstarrnerdgirl:JJStarrNerdGirl 19 3 Good Ol' Timester by JJStarrNerdGirl Good Ol' Timester :iconjjstarrnerdgirl:JJStarrNerdGirl 14 4
An Inseperable Bond
Sari followed closely behind her old friend Asylum, excited to see what adventures the two would get into next. It was just like old times, she thought, back when they would adventure around Cyrodiil and enjoy the action of it all. Then, of course, they added to their little group and still had amazing adventures with their group. There were struggles, of course, but they were a family and always found a way through.
Busy reminiscing on their old escapades, Sari hadn’t realized Asylum had stopped walking. She bumped into him from behind, snapping out of her trance. Asylum turned around and looked at her, a little confused, but she simply smiled in return.
“Sorry, Asylum! I wasn’t paying attention, I guess,” she apologized.
“Well, try to be more careful next time, alright? You’ll be alright,” Asylum replied flatly. Sari was slightly shocked at his attitude, but decided to ignore it in favor of making her mistake up to him.
He continued ahead, st
:iconjjstarrnerdgirl:JJStarrNerdGirl 4 5
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Villainous: Doctor Flug
Hey hey look I have a new obsession!! It's a Cartoon Network short called Villainous. You should totally check it out.

Here's a link to some eps:
What a Babe
FINALLY got around to drawing my new child, Josh! Such a babe. Must be protected. I love her so much.
Wow, hey. Turns out I'm not dead! Just kinda depressed, but that's nothing new.

In other news, I just went to check on an old best friend of mine and I found out she had deleted her account on the only place I could contact her. I hadn't talked to her for months, and now I feel horrible because I'll never be able to talk to her again.
Fred Spooker rushed into the room where he was to meet Johnny Ghost, Johnny Toast, and the newest addition to the P.I.E team: Colon Ghostie, who was waiting in the corner. Fred immediately fell onto the floor when he entered the doorway, as he usually did with his high level of clumsiness.

“Well, well, look who finally decided to show for the mission,” Ghost glared down at him, “You sure you took long enough to get here? Or do you wanna be ANOTHER hour late just to be sure?”

Toast put a hand on Ghost’s shoulder. “Now, Sir, don’t be so harsh on him.. He’s here now, is he not?” he smiled, trying to calm his partner down.

“Whatever. Just give him the synopsis, Toast,” Ghost mumbled in response, going over to organize his things yet again. That was all he’d been doing for the past hour. Toast swore he had never seen him so organized in his life.

“Right, Sir,” Toast nodded, turning to help Spooker off of the floor. “Are you alright, by the way?” he asked, brushing off Fred’s vest for him.

“Yeah, I’m okay.. That happens a lot,” Fred smiled, adjusting his beanie. “So, what’s the mission this time?”

“Right, right. We’ve got a level 17 located in a nearby club, but there’s one slight problem. The owner won’t let anyone in who isn’t married. Ridiculous, right? Well, luckily we’ve thought of a plan,” Toast explained, reaching into his pocket to get something.

“And what is that plan, exactly?” Fred asked, tilting his head in confusion.

Toast suddenly pulled a wedding ring out of his pocket. “We’re going to pretend to be just that. It sounds, ridiculous, I know, but I have total faith that it will work,” he explained, handing the ring to Spooker.

“WHAT?! No way am I pretending to marry you!” Fred squeaked, backing up.

Colon chuckled, finally speaking up. “It’s not him you’re partnering up with. He’s with Ghost, obviously,” he smirked, moving over to be closer to the group and showing him the ring on his own hand that matched the one the man in the pink beanie was holding..

“Wait.. So that means…” Fred took a moment to process this information. “I have to pretend to be married to YOU?!”

“You got it, Freddo. Starting now, we are officially a thing.”

“No freaking way.” Spooker denied the fact.

“Don’t deny it, babe, you know you love me” Colon smirked, making a move and holding Fred’s hand just to get him flustered.

Fred’s face flushed slightly, and he glanced away from the man in front of him. “N-No I don’t,” he mumbled.

Chris moved closer still, smirking. “Sure you don’t.. And you’d just hate it if I kissed you right now, wouldn’t you?”

That was the breaking point for Fred, who let out a girlish scream and dashed out of the room. Colon and Ghost suddenly burst into laughter.

“Oh my gosh, Colon, that was amazing!” Ghost laughed, giving his more tolerable intern a high-five.

“Man, I love messing with that kid,” Colon chuckled, glancing out of the door Fred had run out of. “Guess I should go apologize, though, or he might not come back.”

“Meh, if you want. I really don’t care either way,” the brown haired man admitted, sitting down in a chair and putting his feet on the table, which were swiftly moved by Toast. The two bickered for a moment, Toast ultimately winning the argument as per usual.

Colon nodded, heading out of the room and looking around for any evidence of Spooker. He noticed something pink on the ground, and went to pick it up. “Huh.. Fred dropped his beanie? That’s not like him at all,” he thought aloud, glancing around again. He noticed a foot sticking out of the closet nearby, and so he went over to investigate. He carefully opened the door and found Spooker curled up inside, his messy, dirty blonde hair exposed for once instead of hiding behind his beanie. “Dude, are you okay?” he asked, kneeling down to be on the same level as his partner.

Fred whimpered, not wanting to answer.

“If this is about the whole ‘fake marriage’ thing, I’m sorry. I figured I took it too far, honestly..” Chris explained, glancing away for a moment. He had noticed himself staring at his friend, who somehow looked cuter without his beanie. He knew Spooker was an interesting guy, but he never thought he’d end up thinking things like this about the younger man. It felt wrong in his brain, but somehow seemed right somewhere else. It all didn’t add up to him, but he figured that was okay. A lot of things didn’t add up for him, like how fish could breathe underwater but he couldn’t.

At this point, his train of thought was completely derailed, and Spooker was confused as his friend stared off to the side in silence. “Uh.. Chris?” he finally spoke up. Colon snapped out of his daze and looked back at him. Spooker spoke up once more. “It’s alright. To be honest, I probably would’ve tried something similar if I wasn’t such a dummy,” he smiled.

Colon smiled back. “Thanks, Freddy. That means a lot,” he said, reaching a hand out to help Spooker up off the floor of the closet.

Spooker took his hand, but was a little confused. “Freddy? That’s new.. What for?” he asked.

“Eh, just a new nickname. You like it? I can think of something else if you want. How about Freddo? F-dog? Fredrick?” he thought, smiling over at Spooker.

“Just Fred or Spooker is alright, thanks,” Fred giggled.

That set Colon’s mind off again. Not only did he look cute, but his laugh was freaking adorable. Great, a double hitter. Why did Colon even think he was so cute? There was nothing very special about him, really. He was just a normal intern at P.I.E like he was himself. It wasn’t like Spooker brought a certain light into Colon’s life that was lacking for years and now made his life remarkably more happy and better or anything. Totally not like Spooker was always so happy and carefree that it sort of rubbed off on Colon, making him happier every time the two were simply around each other. No, none of that was true at all, Colon thought. What was true, though, was that the two had started walking back to Toast and Ghost, and Colon wasn’t exactly paying attention to where he was going. He was too deep in thought to realize he was inches away from smacking face first into a wall, and Fred was too late to stop him. Before he could say anything, Colon hit the wall with a ‘bonk’ and fell back onto the ground.

“Uh.. You alright there?” Fred asked, helping Chris up once he had come back to reality.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m fine.. Just kinda spaced out for a minute.”

“Alright, Chrissie!” Fred giggled. Chris was right, nicknames were fun!

Colon shook his head, chuckling. “Let’s just, uh, get this mission underway. I kinda do wanna see that club,” he smiled, a little flustered by his own thoughts.

“Sure! Let’s go!” Fred smiled, excitedly grabbing his hand and bringing him back to Toast and Ghost. Before they got in the room, however, Colon put Fred’s beanie back on his head for him and adjusted it into place. Fred was a little shocked, but when he looked back at Colon he was only met with a bright smile. He quickly returned the smile, and the two went to meet up with the other team.

When the four of them reached the club, they discussed the plan of action. “Right, here’s what we’re gonna do. Toast and I will have a detector on us to search for the entity, and we’ll be going around looking for it. You guys are just gonna be on standby until the entity is found, got it? Try to blend in and stuff.” Ghost explained to Colon and Spooker.

“Gotcha. Just come find us when you need us,” Colon nodded, making a mental note of the plan.

“Good luck, you two. This should be a relatively simple mission,” Toast smiled, giving them a nod of confidence before joining hands with Ghost and entering the club.

Colon turned to Spooker. “You understand what we’re supposed to do, right?” he asked.

Spooker simply smiled and nodded. “Not a word.”

Colon sighed, smiling a little. “You are quite a case, you know that?” He chuckled, taking his partner’s hand, “Let’s just go inside and check out the place.”

Spooker smiled, walking inside with Colon and looking around. It was a relatively simple club; just a bar, a dance floor, and a lounge area with some couches and such. The two decided to hang out there for the time being, sitting on opposite sides of one of the couches. Colon looked around and saw the other couples around them, who were cuddling, kissing, and a bunch of other lovey-dovey stuff. He cringed a little, then glanced over at Fred. The younger man was simply spaced out, completely unaware of the PDA going on around them.

Fred always was quite carefree, Colon thought, and he never really seemed to be bothered by much. That was another thing he found charming about his partner, honestly, and was probably another source of the loving feelings now welling up inside of Colon. He didn’t understand why, but he just wanted to be closer to the man sitting beside him. Maybe it was just the atmosphere of the club? Yeah, that was probably it. Seeing everyone else in love made him want to feel the same way, it seemed. He decided to take a risk, scooting closer to Fred. The younger partner didn’t seem to notice, much to Colon’s relief. However, all good things must come to an end eventually, and Fred eventually noticed Colon inching closer. He simply smiled up at his friend, however, and decided to snuggle up with him. They were supposed to be undercover as a couple, right? Shouldn’t they act like a couple, then? No harm in putting a little effort into a case. Plus, he totally had a secret crush on Colon.

No one needed to know that, though.

Chris’s face flushed as Fred curled up with him, but a smile slowly crept upon his face. ‘It’s just for the case’, he thought, ‘there’s no way he would actually like me’. Even so, he decided to wrap his arms around Fred and pull him closer, making both of them blush a bit deeper.

Fred eventually spoke up. “Hey, Colon?” he asked.

“Yeah?” Colon looked down at the man who was basically in his lap.

“This.. This is nice. I like it,” he smiled.

Colon nodded slowly. “Yeah.. I like it too.”

There was a pause. Colon thought to himself, glancing around and occasionally looking down at Fred. ‘Does he actually like me? Am I even sure I like him? Why is my heart racing? I don’t understand what’s going on. Should I tell him? What would he say? What if he doesn’t really like me?’. The thoughts raced in his head, and he tensed a little.

Spooker noticed this and looked up at his partner again. “You okay?” he asked, a little worried, “You seem really tense.”

“Er, yeah! Never better, Spooks! Nervous? Me? Nah, I’m not nervous! What’s nervous??” Colon stuttered, obviously nervous.

Fred scowled a little, trying to think of a way to make Colon feel better. He got a quick idea, but it was quite stupid to try. However, being Fred Spooker, he didn’t really think before he did stupid things. He just sort of went with whatever popped into his mind first. Sure, it was hard at times with Ghost always yelling at him or Toast always secretly looking down upon him and treating him like a child, but he always did try to make the best out of the situations he was in. That being said, he believed now was a perfect time to really make Colon happy. Either that, or things would go terribly wrong and end up bowing up in his face, but he just hoped for the best and went with the situation.

Colon was still smiling nervously at Spooker, and was about to speak again when he was met with a pair of lips colliding with his own. His eyes widened slightly, surprised by the action.

‘Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh he’s kissing me?? Why is he kissing me?? Does he actually like me??’ Colon thought to himself, or at least tried to. His mind was racing again, almost at the same rate as his beating heart. ‘Holy crap, he’s a good kisser’ was the last thing he thought clearly before he relaxed and returned the kiss, closing his eyes and enjoying it.

Fred smiled through the kiss, happy he could calm his friend down. Or were they more than friends now? He wasn’t really sure. What he was sure of, however, was that this feeling just felt so right to him that it couldn’t possibly be wrong.

He eventually broke the kiss, but he wished he could go back into it and never leave. Colon felt this too, deep down, and found himself red-faced and smiling like a dork at Fred, who giggled and smiled back.

“I think you’ve figured this out by now, but I like you!” Fred giggled.

“Yeah.. I, uh.. I like you too,” Colon stuttered, still flustered from the kiss.

There was a pleasant silence between the two, who were simply reveling in the fact that they had found that they returned feelings for each other. They smiled, just sort of staring at each other, but were rudely interrupted by a certain someone in a grey hoodie.

“Wow, uh.. That happened,” Ghost muttered, glancing around awkwardly. The two men quickly separated, going to opposite sides of the couch again and trying to act casual. Ghost chuckled. “So, uh, are you two actually a thing now?” he whispered to the couple.

“I.. Don’t know..? Um..” Chris mumbled, glancing over at Fred. “Do you want to be..?” he stuttered, facing his partner.

Fred looked back at him. “If you want to? I mean, I wouldn’t mind it,” he murmured, visibly blushing.

“Awww! That’s so cute! You two are simply adorable together!” Toast suddenly butted in from behind Ghost. He clapped his hands excitedly. Ghost giggled and stopped him, rolling his eyes.

“Don’t embarrass them more than they already are, Toast.. C’mon, we’ll just leave them be and take care of the ghost ourselves,” he smiled down at Chris and Fred. He seemed to be acting polite for once, which was surprising considering Fred was there. Ghost took Toast’s hand, smiled, and walked off with him. ‘Maybe me and Spooker aren’t the only ones who found love’, Chris thought.

That left Colon and Spooker alone together again. Both men were blushing bright red, both from the heat of the moment they were in before and the embarrassment of their bosses finding out about their new relationship.

Fred was about to speak up again after a few moments of awkward silence, but was met by a swift grip to his shirt collar and another heated kiss. This one felt even better than the other one, he thought, and Colon believed so as well. It seemed this mission ended better than both of them thought it would, and they were both quite happy with that.
The Club (Spoon Fic)
I've had this story saved since about February, but I never posted it! Gave it a read-through yesterday and actually liked it, so I decided to put it on here finally.

Heck, Spoon is a good ship.
Random headcanon since we haven't gotten many updates of ESO tale: Remember how Asylum always giggled like a school girl back in his Oblivion days? He still does, only it's deeper due to his voice changing. Still adorable as ever, though.


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Just a gay nerd I guess lol
So, I'm kinda bored and I wanna do something kinda random but kinda fun. The goal is to create a story with one person typing a sentence into the comments and just going from there! It's sort of like one of those acting games you'd play in a theatre class.. It'll be awesome to see where this goes (if anywhere lol)! The topic can be whatever someone decides to start with, and it can change at any time!

This should be fun!


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